What is GMO and Why Is It Important You Know?

What is GMO and Why Is It Important You Know?

You’ve probably seen products with the label “GMO-free” or “contains only non-GMO ingredients” while shopping at the grocery store.  The acronym GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. Genetically modified foods are also known as “genetically engineered”, “genetically altered” or “genetically manipulated.”

GMO Products is an Alteration of Nature!

Basically, in layman’s terms, this means that nature has been altered by science and the results are frightening to say the least. GMO food is something I avoid like the plague because, in my mind, that is exactly what they are!

quote transparentWhy I don’t eat GMO food | Kristin Canty

Herbicide resistant crops have a gene in them that is resistant to the herbicide Roundup.  The same company that makes Roundup, Monsanto, also produces these Roundup ready crops.  These crops are sprayed with massive amounts of Round up, and they don’t die.  Any weeds growing around these plants do die. The pest resistant crops, also created by Monsanto, kill insects when they try to infest the plants.  The chemicals cause the insects’ stomachs to explode.

What we are dealing with are VERY strong and toxic chemicals, designed to act as a pesticide, that will cause an insect’s stomach to explode.  These toxic food items are then fed to livestock and, even worse, used in every day products that line the shelves in the grocery store.  We are being told that these GMO products are safe for human consumption but I’m not buying that for one minute!  These GMO products are very dangerous for us and are also harming some of our beneficial insects, sadly to the point of extinction.

Is GMO Farming Killing Our Butterflies?

One of the most beautiful and graceful things in the world is the Monarch butterfly. I love watching the Monarchs every year when they arrive. They hypnotize me with their beauty as they dance in the sky, moving from flower to flower. It is very sad to know that the Monarch population is decreasing in alarming numbers. Scientists are now claiming that the downfall is primarily caused by human meddling.

quote transparentGMO Crops Are Killing Monarch Butterflies, After All ..

GMO Crops Are Killing Monarch Butterflies, After All.  The story here is about more than the decline of a butterfly species. It’s also about the unintended consequences of subjecting millions of acres of our best farmland to a single chemical-dependent technology, one literally designed to wipe out plant biodiversity in farm fields.

An herbicide is killing milkweed plants, which are essential to the survival of the monarch, and this has negatively impacted the survival of the monarchs. This poison is manufactured by Monsanto Corp. under the commonly known name of Roundup. I’m very concerned that the same company that produces a powerful poison is also developing genetically modified seeds to create food for me and my family. No thank you!

Can the Bees Survive GMO Farming?

Even worse is the fact that our honey bee population is dying. The situation is serious and requires that we all band together to fight GMO’s, Monsanto and all of the other corporations that are developing these poisons.  Everyone needs to get educated and start transitioning to an organic and toxic free living lifestyle as soon as possible in order to protect themselves, their family and to stop the poisoning!

quote transparentAre GMOs the reason the bees are disappearing? 

Are GMOs the reason the bees are disappearing? Bees are dying. Whole bee colonies are disappearing and dying worldwide and in record numbers. Here is a report from the Yucatan Times, exposing the fact that when Monsanto’s (Aside from killing honeybees, there are other equally devastating consequences of GMOs in Mexico.) It would not surprise me one bit that they are the reason bees and butterflies, are dying out. It is my

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I think all of this boils down to power, control and money. I would not be surprised if Monsanto is purposely trying to kill our little bee pollinators. I’m sure it would equate to HUGE DOLLARS if they developed self pollinating seeds. Without the bees, they could use the fact that the bee population is almost extinct when they submit their case for approval for these seeds to the FDA.

quote transparentThe Frightening Deadness of GMO Corn Field

GMO crops and chemical agriculture in general are also prime culprits in the disappearance of bees and other insects, such as butterflies. The phenomenon is known as bee colony collapse disorder (CCD), and GMO crops have been implicated in CCD for years now. Since 2006, it’s estimated that close to one-third of all honey bee colonies have simply vanished into thin air.

Please watch the following eye opening video. Invest 13 minutes into your health … do this for your family and our planet.  This video is just one of thousands of reports that exposes the truth and how Monsanto and GMOs are affecting our health.

NON GMO ProjectWhat can you as a consumer do to fight this madness? The first thing is to SAY NO TO GMOs!  Educate yourself and be an informed label reader.  Get involved and bring GMO awareness to your neighborhood and community. Purchase organic and chemical free products. A great place to start is the NON GMO Project where you’ll find a lot of good information including a list of products and companies that are verified to be NON GMO.

We, the people, can stop this poisoning of our planet and of ourselves.  We can stop the destruction of our world and help ensure that it will be a better place for our children and future generations. It will take all of us to fight these corporate monsters and I know we can do it. Let’s all jump in and do our part by boycotting anything that is GMO.

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  1. Great Blog from an amazing soul! Thank you for the valuable information.
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    Great blog Renee…. full of really useful information 🙂

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    We really need to stop this and enforce labelling..it’s freaky and scary!
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    awesome article Renee. I’ve been doing some GMO research as well, this GMO stuff is CRAZY Unhealthy!

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