Time Management & Internet Marketing

The key to conducting an effective Internet Marketing Campaign and owning a successful home business is TIME MANAGEMENT. It’s easy to lose focus and become distracted by the overwhelming number of strategies and assorted opinions of so called experts. In fact, even the most experienced home business owners and internet marketers can get bogged down with so many options to choose from.

Following are some tips to help you stay focused on your goal (PROFIT) and maximize your time and effort.

Research – It is worth the time to do some reading and
evaluation of the plans and ideas presented on forums and
webpages. Identify the strategies that you can implement
effectively and write them down! Keep notes as to why you think
each idea is appealing and why you think it will work for you.
Consider your strengths. How does each approach utilize your

Prioritize – Look over your notes and prioritize the
strategies you think make the best use of your time and energy.
Be sure you choose an approach that fits your style and
personality but remember to consider your budget!

Make a Plan – Choose the three strategies at the top of your
priority list and organize a plan of action. Ask yourself, “What
steps need to be taken in order to implement this strategy so it
reaches its full potential?”. Put the plan for each idea or
strategy on paper!

Focus – Don’t overcommit yourself. Its better to commit
yourself to one strategy and do it right than to put forth a
halfhearted, scatterbrained attempt to do everything. The
“shotgun” approach will not make you successful.

Construct a Timetable – Divide your new plan into smaller
steps or benchmarks. When do each of these steps need to be
completed? In what order do they need to be completed? How do
you know your strategy is working? All of these questions need
to be answered and put on your timetable.

Commit – You have to do what it takes to implement your new
strategy completely. Stick with the plan and don’t move on to
something else or multi-task if it is going to sabotage your

There are hundreds, even thousands of opinions and “guaranteed”
plans out there for you to choose from. The key to your success
is to figure out what strategy best fits your strengths and give
100% to making it work for your business.

By: Jeff Payne from PopularArticles.com:
Time Management – The Key to Effective Internet Marketing

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