Teaching Boys to Drive

Teaching Boys to Drive

People have asked me many times over the years how I’ve kept my sanity while raising six kids, five of them boys. Sanity? Ha! Who’s fooling who? 🙂

Seriously, I make no promises about my sanity but I can tell you this, I do know how to have a good time and I’m also pretty good about not sweating the small stuff when it comes to my children. I learned a long time ago that there aren’t too many things to stress about in this life and I try very hard not to.

One activity that does stretch me to the limit though is teaching teenage boys how to drive. OMG, this can be the scariest experience ever! Riding with a teenage boy creates serious white knuckles, massive headaches plus the poor cars rarely survive unscathed. It is brutal!

My youngest, Dylan, is currently learning how to drive and I’m the appointed teacher. I survived his brothers and I WILL SURVIVE him because I am determined! This past weekend I decided to document my efforts at teaching him and this video tells the entire story.

I invite you to experience “Driving with Dyan”, a true life experience out of my life. I can do this …. I know I can …. I am a survivor … this too shall pass ….


4 Responses to Teaching Boys to Drive

  1. sandra says:

    Great video Renee, I can see you have the driving lessons all under control.
    sandra´s last blog post ..Visualization and getting results quickly

  2. Renee says:

    Hey Sandra,

    Well I wouldn’t go that far! LOL. I fake it a lot. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m sooo scared for this day. Just yesterday my son was asking me questions about driving and I started thinking of how fast he got to nine and it would be here in no time! YIKES!!!

  4. Haley says:

    Great video,I think I can learn something to teach my child.
    It’s not really safe when we teach to drive for teenager but it’s necessary

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