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Drink in Life Like Cold Water on a Hot Day

Drink in Life Like Cold Water on a Hot Day

This morning, as I was checking out FaceBook, I was so impressed with Jordan Adler’s status that I stole it (I told him I was going to) and used it for my own. The status was “Drink life like cold water on a hot day.” I loved this thought and it stayed on my mindContinue Reading

Daily Affirmations – Improve Your Life

Although some people are skeptical and say that positive affirmations are a waste of time, it has been found that individuals feel more uplifted and focused throughout the day when they start with positive statements in the morning.
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Time Management Yields Results

Managing your time is something every one in this world yearns to do but is not quite successful always. Be it a school student or a working professional or even a housewife managing the house, managing their time is very important. Finishing your daily work on time is not the only meaning of managing theContinue Reading