Plant Your Seeds of Talent and Watch the Blooms!

I’ve enjoyed a continuous loop of Jack Johnson tunes playing in the background while I worked today. I love his music; he’s a real talent as far as I’m concerned.  Sometimes I sit back, close my eyes, listen to the words, the perfect beat, the rhythm of the music and I wonder, “How the heck does he do that? Where do these songs, these words, come from? How does he come up with music that fits the words so perfectly?”  It amazes me, this song writing ability that he and others have.

I hold the same awe for painters and artists. How in the world can they take a blank canvas and create something with depth, beauty and meaning? I could stare for hours at the detail in some paintings, the facial features, the strands of hair, the hundreds of leaves on trees, the birds in the sky.  WOW, this is talent that I’ll never experience.

While I may never be the next guitar picking super star or have a gallery of paintings for sale, I do have my own talents that I am proud of and that, I feel, make me special in my own way. We all have talents and accomplishments. I believe we’re born with them but do they always grow and flourish?   I don’t think they do if they aren’t given the right environment and nourishment. A talent is much like a flower seed; it can sit, undeveloped, for years until it gets the right mixture of soil, sun and rain and then it grows into a beautiful flower; only then does it reach its maximum potential.

When my six children were young I made it a point to ALWAYS tell them that they could be whatever they wanted to be, that there was nothing holding them back from success. I was very aware of the fact that whatever I said or did could build them up or bring them down. I was also very aware of the fact that each one of them was gifted in their own unique ways and I encouraged them to embrace their individuality. I tried hard to never compare one to the other. They each needed to know that they were OK no matter what. I’m happy to say that each of my children has grown into very capable and responsible young adults with their talents shining through every day.  The seeds were planted and they bloomed beautifully!

I wonder what would have happened if  Jack Johnson, Eric Clapton, John Lennon and some of the other great song writers and performers had never been given a chance to play an instrument or to sing?  What if Picasso, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and others were never given a brush and canvas? Would their now obvious natural talents have been buried forever?  I like to think that, given the chance, they would have been the same successful people we know them to be no matter what stage in life they began. As long as they took the first step and planted that seed then the creativity would have flown.

Do you have some seeds of talent that you haven’t planted? Have you followed your spirit and purpose and allowed your talents to fully bloom? Has life’s circumstances stunted your growth in some way? Is there something you loved doing as a child that took a back burner for years because life and responsibilities got in the way? Is there any reason why you can’t now plant that seed and grow that talent today? What is holding you back?

I decided a few years ago that I was going to make a conscious effort to allow my talents to grow and to develop. I work on this every day. Some days are harder than others especially when I’m hit with negativity, but I keep on and I refuse to stop. I am planting my seeds today and every day. How about you? Let me know what you’re working on and let’s grow a beautiful garden together!

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  1. I loved hearing you talk about your
    children here. It made me think how
    blessed they are and how unfortunate
    it can be for so many who never see
    an example of or receive the right encouragement growing up.

    I have found myself in the position
    of being so busy simply living day
    to day, I could barely see what that
    personal passion of my own might be.
    I know I’m not alone. It can take a
    good bit of growing & soul searching
    to rediscover our own passions.

    I’d like to say, it’s a journey of inspirational discovery and such a
    wonderful thing to share. I highly
    recommend it!

  2. What wonderful topic!
    Life is about living our passions, which I believe are very motivated by our talents. You are right on that if we don’t give them the opportnity to grow, they never will. As adults(especially with children), it’s easy for us to let our talents go to the wayside. That’s so sad!

    For me, it is dancing. I danced all growing up through high school, and then I stopped. It’s funny because I was actually just thinking about this today! I have been wanting to get back into it so bad. It is my true talent and one of my passions. For us to be complete I think we really must be open and let our talents grow.

    Great post! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂
    .-= Danielle Zack´s last blog ..Conquering Video Marketing: Part 1 =-.

  3. Renee thank you so much for sharing your love beauty and wisdom with the world. this is a beautiful post, I really loved it. Yes, yes, and yes passions within life, passion of life, passionate living. follow your passions. do what your passionate about and the money will follow.
    .-= Jeremy Creager´s last blog ..Thanks For Coming To The Site Where LOVE IS AT THE CORE =-.

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