Reflecting on 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014

Reflecting on 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014


It is 2014  and, like so many people, I am reflecting on the past year and also wondering what the New Year holds for me.

Two major things come to mind:

  1. I am super excited to see 2014 come in and 2013 leave. I don’t ever remember feeling this way in previous years.  The years have come and gone without too much emotion from me, but not this year.
  2. I am shifting gears from my normal practice of setting resolutions. This year I am not setting any … NADA … ZERO.

Why am I so happy to see 2013 in my rear view mirror?

The truth is, 2013 will not go down as one of my favorite years.

I don’t mean to complain because, compared to others, I’ve had a smooth ride in 2013. It definitely could have been so much worse BUT that doesn’t mean it has to be one of my favorite years. Right?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an optimist to a fault and a believer in counting my blessings. Dwelling on what is wrong is something I avoid.

BUT I’m a realist too and sometimes a girl just has to acknowledge that she had some major challenges thrown at her.  You can take those challenges and learn from them or you can choose to dwell on the hurt and frustration they caused.

I choose to learn.

2013 kept me on an emotional roller coaster all year long.  Roller Coaster

  • My Dad passed away
  • The business I had worked hard at for two years folded
  • My Mom had major health issues which warranted hospital visits
  • A couple of my children were dealing with some serious life issues
  • A long-standing relationship I had with someone I love came to an abrupt and extremely hurtful end.

Yea, I feel like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster ride with tons of upside down loops.  I’ve even experienced the dizziness and associated nausea at times.

Throughout all of 2013 I continued my quest for spiritual growth and enlightenment and my spiritual connection, plus the love of my awesome family and friends helped me rise above the challenges I was facing.

Did I lose hair? Probably, but thank God I have more than enough hair so it isn’t too obvious.  At least I don’t think it is. Do I have a bald spot showing? Please tell me if I do.

All kidding aside, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. The ‘bumps’ were put in my path because I had lessons to learn.

Sometimes we have to endure the pressure so we can shine, much like the lump of coal that turns into a diamond.

Yes, 2013 definitely taught me some major life lessons and I will be forever grateful for that. I’m still glad to see it go though. 🙂

Some of the primary lessons 2013 held for me were:

Without a spiritual connection
nothing else matters.

I have been on a strong spiritual journey for several years and there were many breakthroughs in 2013.  I will be sharing more about my journey in future posts.

To love myself.

I’ve always put myself last while putting others first and I can’t continue that. The vessel must be full before you can take anything out of it and I’ve been running on empty for way too long,

It is time to take care of me. That doesn’t mean I won’t care for others; it simply means that “I” will now be a priority.

The pursuit of money, power and material things do not satisfy me.

I made good money the last 2-3 years but I was miserable the entire time. Putting energy into ‘things’ is not what life is about. Loving ‘things’ that cannot love you back is a waste of love and passion.

I have found that a simpler and comfortable life is what brings me the most joy so I am adopting a minimalist lifestyle.  Future posts will detail my journey into a minimalist way of living.

The people you think are your true friends may surprise you
and show you they weren’t who you thought they were.

Don’t allow this to harden you towards them or others. People have to learn in their own way and if you are hurt in the process then just accept it as a lesson both of you needed to learn. Most importantly, forgive them and send them love and understanding.

 You can see all the good in a person but that doesn’t change them.

Making excuses for another’s behavior won’t make the bad behavior go away. You can love an aggressive dog but it will still bite you because that is its nature. Some people are like that too.

Don’t give up on people but don’t be blind either. When someone continues to show you who they are then you need to believe them.

People have their own path and their own lessons to learn. We need to get out of the way and allow them to learn those lessons. This doesn’t mean we don’t love them. It means we love them enough to let them go.

Be there to support others when they need you
but don’t take their problems on as your own.

Teach them and love them … share resources if applicable … but allow them to fall so they can learn. Babies didn’t learn to walk without falling. The same holds true for all of us.

Most importantly –  Love, Love and more Love.

Give it every minute and every day to everyone. Love has no end and can be passed on to others. Change the world by giving love.Get rid of judgment, anger, jealousy, etc. Live with love in your heart. Love no matter what has been done to you, no matter how much hurt you have endured, no matter the circumstances. Send love to yourself and to everyone you meet.

no resolutions for 2014Why no resolutions?

I’m done with resolutions, at least the detailed list making type of resolutions I’ve done in the past.

I’m simply going to ‘allow’ and ‘trust’ and get out of my own way. I’m letting go of the steering wheel and allowing God, Spirit, The Universe (whatever you call your higher spiritual deity) to take over.

Does this mean I’m going to sit on my duff and do nothing? Of course not!  I’ll continue working as hard as ever.

The main difference is that I’m going to trust that everything is going to work out for my greater good.  Instead of focusing on financial and material goals I’ll be working on my spiritual and emotional self.

I’ll be focusing on my feelings and looking for the promptings or signs that point me in the right direction. Spirit speaks to us but we have to be quiet and tuned in to hear it. I do this through daily meditations.

I have found that when I feel good and when I’m happy that life is good and the more I focus on feeling good and being happy the better life gets! How awesome is that?!

Reflecting on 2013 and looking forward to 2014Life returns to us what we put out so this year I choose to send positive energy out. Not only will it return to me many times over, it will also touch others.  It is like ripples in a pond. One ripple creates another and another … these are like lives we can touch.

My focus won’t be on money or things. It will be on happiness, peace and love.

I choose to welcome what is in the present moment because that is all we really have.

Live in the moment my friends. That is where true peace and happiness exists.

I send you love.

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  1. Barb Herndon says:

    Dearest Renee! You such a joy to learn from. You are such a gem for sharing your story. People learn from our openness and I know you have such a big gift to share with the world!
    Barb Herndon´s last blog post ..Sandi Krakowski: First Column Written For

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