Raise Children With a Focus on Their Heart and Their Spirit

Raise Children With a Focus on Their Heart and Their Spirit


When I heard the Dalai Lama quote, “It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts”, it really spoke to me because, in a sentence, he summarized something I’m very passionate about when it comes to nurturing children.

I am blessed to be the mother to six FANTASTIC children and the grandmother to five beautiful little spirits. The importance of nurturing and educating my babies’ hearts was obvious to me early on.  Babies come into this world with a perfectly pure little spirit. They are curious, they have high energy and they are BURSTING with love. In fact, you’ll never experience, on this earth, more pure love than what you receive from a child. I am truly at my happiest when I am surrounded by children; I cherish their energy and the unconditional love emanating from their little hearts.

Children's Heart and SpiritWhen my children were all still home and under my care I focused  a lot of my awareness on what was happening with their hearts and spirits.  So much of this involved teaching them about self love, self confidence, not taking things personally, understanding that you have a choice in everything in life and helping them to connect to God. I believe that our spirit (our heart), the true being of who we are, is the vital part of our being. It is our energy, our connection to God/Source, so I try to always connect to the hearts of others, children especially.  Feeding the spirit of a child is as important, or probably more important, as giving them food for their physical bodies.

Unfortunately, the world can break one’s spirit and bury the ‘true self’ that entered this world. This happens when the spirit isn’t strong and healthy. There is lack of focus, lack of self love, lack of direction.  The spirit is not shining and the love is not flowing as it was meant to.

On the other hand, if spirits are nurtured, if they are full of love and life force, then everything else in life just seems to fall into place because the heart is focused on the right things.  Healthy spirits approach life from the stand point of abundance, not lack.  They approach others with love based emotions, not fear based emotions.

If we could assure that every child’s spirit gets the attention and training that it deserves then we’d be ONLY one generation away from a world that practices love and understanding instead of one that sends out lower vibrational energy such as hate and jealousy. We wouldn’t be seeing the depression that seems to be running rampant in the world today. There would be more smiles and less tears. There would be more understanding and acceptance.

It all starts with our babies and their pure, beautiful little spirits. We can all learn a lot from these precious little beings.

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