My Boy of Summer – Update

Baseball season is gearing up with the major league teams already into spring training. Every year, at this time, I think back to all of the years I spent on a baseball field with my oldest son, Brandon. If you haven’t already, please read the article I wrote in 1997,  My Boy of Summer.  The emotions of the season were strong when I wrote it and they still stand strong.

Several readers have requested an update on Brandon, so here it is. Brandon played baseball for most of his college career. He decided to stop playing in his junior year in order to focus on his degree and to work towards marrying Marie, the girl of his dreams. I’ll never forget the day when he called me and said, “Mom, are you sitting down?” His voice was full of emotion as he continued, “I’ve decided to quit playing baseball. I want to graduate and to marry Marie. I never thought I’d say this, but my priorities have completely changed and baseball isn’t at the top of my list any longer. I’ll always love it but I need to get on with my life.”

Brandon, Marie, McKinley and Delaney

Brandon, Marie, McKinley & Delaney

WOW, I thought. I was so proud of this mature and responsible young man who had realized that his life’s dream had to be set aside because he had grown and, with this growth, had realized new dreams, bigger dreams.

I am happy to report that Brandon, as no surprise to me, went after these new dreams with the same tenacity and resolution that had towards baseball. He became a very successful businessman who has received numerous awards and recognitions in his industry. He and Marie did marry and they are a beautiful and happy couple. In addition he has blessed me with two beautiful granddaughters; he is a FANTASTIC father.

So is baseball still a big part of his life? You bet it is!  He is, and will forever be, a HUGE Texas Rangers fan. If he misses a game it is only because he can’t control the situation and he attends as many games in person as possible.

A Special Day for Them Both!

A beautiful tradition has evolved from his love of baseball. For the last two years Brandon has taken his oldest daughter, McKinley, to opening day for the Rangers.  It’s been just the two of them going out for a special Daddy/Daughter date day and they have a great time.

Brandon & McKinley at the Ballpark

McKinley can talk baseball with the best of them and she is only four years old. This absolutely cracks me up but comes as no surprise; her Daddy loves the game and so does she.

This year I’ll be attending opening day with them and I can’t wait! The tradition continues but this time my role with be different; this time I’ll be going as Née Née and I’ll be holding McKinley’s hand instead of Brandon’s.

No doubt, this trip to the ballpark will take me back to the time when I took Brandon to his first Texas Ranger game when he was around eight years old.  I’ll never forget walking up the ramp towards our seats and seeing the field come into view for the first time. It was a beautiful sight for me but, more importantly, it literally took Brandon’s breath away. I’ll never forget hearing him gasp and watching him as his eyes opened with amazement.

Brandon and me

At that very moment his life’s dream, his total passion up to that point, became a reality right before his eyes. Almost magically all of the people … all of the noise … everything … it all disappeared … it all stood still. There was nobody but my little boy and me, his hand in mine, staring in awe at this beautiful sight.

Thank God for baseball and
Thank God for little boys!

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  1. MOM says:

    Well, I’m sure you know I am in tears, this brings back such fond memories, and you wrote it so beautiful! Only thing you missed, was he graduated Summa cum Laude, a perfect 4.0 from TCU. Fantastic!

  2. Renee,
    As a mother myself of a “Boy of Summer,” I am deeply moved by this beautiful tribute to your son Brandon. What a terrific story, and clearly a testament to your commitment as a Mom to him. My little guy just started Minors this year (he is 10) and so I have a ways to go until I hear any words like the ones Brandon said to you, but…as you well know, the time flies when you are raising children and so savoring the sweet moments all along is the best gift we can give to ourselves and our children.
    Thank you for a wonderful post! It brought tears to my eyes and pulled on my heart big time.
    ~Mary Lou
    .-= Mary Lou Kayser´s last blog ..Hard Work and The Power of Plastic Shoes =-.

  3. Val Wilcox says:

    What a heart warming story. You can be very proud of your son, knowing he learned his priorities from you. Great family tradition to build on.

    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Can You Hear Me Now? =-.

  4. Nick Logan says:

    This post gave me chills. I can relate on so many levels. Funny how one person might read this and say, “huh, it’s just a post about baseball.” And someone else can read this and get chills.

    That is so great the legacy you’ve passed onto Brandon, and now is being passed onto your grandchildren. Big smiles
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: Teresa Ivory =-.

  5. Glyna Humm says:


    Wow what an amazing story and you can be proud of yourself and Brandon because you obviously raised him to be the man he is today:) Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Glyna Humm´s last blog ..Internet Marketing and Social Networking – A Match Made in Cyber Space Heaven =-.

  6. Renee says:

    Thanks to you all for the great comments. It is easy to write something that comes from the heart but it is always so nice to hear positive feedback. I appreciate you all!


  7. Becca says:


    As a mom of two boys 🙂 I completely resonated with this post & the way you write from the heart. I love it when you have those moments that stand still in time, forever engraved, & always remembered. Thanks for this!

    Take care,

  8. I just love well told stories about life. It is the glue that tells us we are not alone in the World. Well done Renee and thank you for allowing us a peak into your family.
    .-= Nelson Schroeder´s last blog ..“My Hero had Feet of Clay” =-.

  9. Beautiful and from the heart, as always! Having shared such moments with my two sons; brings back precious memories…

    Loved your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Renee,

    You truly deserve to shine and glow. Brandon seems as if he will never leave his passion, but instead as giving the gift to love the game to his daughter. Your family is priceless!

    Thanks for sharing

    .-= Lyn-Dee Eldridge´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  11. Phil Jackson says:

    What a heart warming post and isn’t Baseball really the ultimate thing to do with our boys? Great post!
    .-= Phil Jackson´s last blog ..The Daily Crushers Marketing Syndication Tribe: A New Business Model =-.

  12. Glen Martin says:

    What an inspirational story Reneé! Thanks for letting us in on the beauty of your family and the love you have for them! Even though baseball is not as-big-a-deal here in Australia as it is in the US, I know the territory. I think that sport is such a tremendous way to build discipline and commitment, and it is so often the way that those that throw their heart into that part of life often go on to high achievement in other areas. As we say here down under, “Onya Brandon!!”.
    .-= Glen Martin´s last blog ..Social Media: My Conversion! =-.

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  14. Ken Pickard says:


    What a wonderful post and insight into your rich family legacy. My family also gets pretty excited when baseball season comes around. My wife is a die hard fan. With 5 kids they have all played either baseball or softball. This is our busiest time of the year, but we love it.

    Family time is such a precious gift, thank you for sharing yours.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
    .-= Ken Pickard´s last blog ..5 Facebook Fan Pages for Powerful Syndication =-.

  15. Beth Allen says:

    What a heartfelt, beautiful message….thank you for sharing this family story with us Renee!

    As the mom of a 2 1/2 year old boy, I can only imagine the dreams that will unfold ahead of him, but the richness of your story telling definitely has me feeling blessed and grateful.

    Thank you, my heart is full tonight!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid??? =-.

  16. Kaye Flack says:

    Thank you Renee for sharing this with us,its inspiring. As a mother of 4 sons I can also relate in so many ways !! Its tremendous to see he is a man of passion and purpose. Sons do touch the heart like nothing else does!!
    .-= Kaye Flack´s last blog ..3 Key Ingredients for Your Online SUCCESS !! =-.

  17. Hi Renee,
    thanks for sharing your love for your son and baseball
    Blessings and all the best!
    .-= Jeremy Creager´s last blog ..Words From The Wise: A Woman Comment’s on A Womans Guide To Trust E-Book =-.

  18. What a beautiful story. It is an amazing thing to watch our children grow, develop into their purpose. As a mother, I don\’t think there is anything more wonderful than seeing our children realize and live their dreams. What I love most about your post(and article) is that your heart is all over it. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    Danielle 🙂
    .-= Danielle Zack´s last blog ..The On-Line Business Advantage: Creating a Blog =-.

  19. Bill Hartman says:

    What a great family story, we were never into Baseball. But now my grand daughter age 2 loves to go to the local triple a team we have.
    Fort Wayne Tincaps. Good Times! You have some great memories.


  20. What a sweet story. I think it touched every one’s hearts. As I read it, I’m smelling the grass and hearing the clunk of the bat hitting the ball. I grew up with 2 younger brothers and never missed a game. Baseball, there is nothing like it! Thank you for this heart-warming post.
    Donna Merrill

  21. I smiled all the way through…

    Many more blessings to come Renee! Thanks for sharing this sparkling glimpse inside your lives. There is nothing more flattering than seeing the positive impressions we share passed along to the next 🙂
    .-= Robin Lynn Brooks´s last blog ..Listen for that Real Connection in Relationship Building =-.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Renee Chase,
    The articles that I have read, move me. I look forward to reading the remaining posts. You are such an amazing soul for writing for others. You have inspired me to continue to love life and to live every day like it will be my last. I just wanted to thank you.

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