Fat Flush Water

Fat Flush Water

It was about a year ago when Dr. Oz had a guest on his show named Kim Lyons, a lady some will remember as an advisor on The Biggest Loser. On this show she shared her 10-day fat melting plan and one of the things she recommended was Fat Flush Water. Anyone who knows me knows that I already drink lemon water every day so this was a no brainer to me … plus it looked delicious … I couldn’t resist!

Kim explained that each ingredient in her Fat Flush Water makes their own contribution towards getting rid of that nasty fat that seems to hold on no matter what we do.

  • Grapefruit, loaded with vitamin C, will help your body turn fat into fuel.
  • Tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and stimulates genes to burn fat.
  • Cucumber helps you feel full and acts as a natural diuretic, which means less bloating and water retention.
  • Peppermint promotes better digestion and calms the stomach, plus it tastes great!

The Fast Flush Water really is easy to make. I make mine every night because that allows it to sit over night and it just tastes better the longer it sits.


Fat Flush Water

Ingredients per 8 oz serving

1 slice grapefruit
1 tangerine
½ cucumber, sliced
2 peppermint leaves
Ice – as much as you like

Wash grapefruit, tangerine cucumber and peppermint leaves. Slice cucumber, grapefruit and tangerine (or peel). Combine all ingredients (fruits, vegetables, 8 oz water, and ice) into a large pitcher.

Stir & Enjoy!

Drink at least one 8 ounce glass three times a day before each meal for 10 days straight.

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