Even the Smallest Actions of a Determined Spirit Can Change the World

Even the Smallest Actions of a Determined Spirit Can Change the World

I have always believed that, even though we seem so small and helpless in this vast universe, we can make a difference and set a path towards positive change for ourselves and also for others. Through focus and determination we can make an impact and do our part in changing the world.

The trick in all of this is believing … KNOWING … that we do have this power. Once we grasp the fact that our will, our thoughts, our focus, our actions DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE then there is no stopping us. As long as we tell ourselves that we can’t do anything to change things then we are exactly right! The first step is to acknowledge and embrace your power and then take action towards the change you want to see in the world.

I came across this little story a while back and it touched my heart. I believe the world will be a better place if we all could be more like little Tasoo so I am committing to myself to take action every day, no matter how small. The world needs me and I know I can make a difference.

Once upon a time, a small bird named Tasoo lived in a vast jungle.Determined Spirit Bird

One hot summer day a terrible wildfire erupted and the flames devoured many trees and animals living in the jungle. Other birds flew high into the sky and far away to safety but Tasoo couldn’t bear to leave her precious jungle home to burn.

Day and night  she flew with all her might back and forth to the river  filling her tiny beak with water to drop on the raging fires. Tasoo’s rare heart of courage and unshakable determination moved the heavenly Gods to shed tears and a great rain poured down upon the jungle, extinguishing the flames. (Author Unknown)

So it is that even the smallest actions of a determined spirit can change the world. Cosmic wishes for you.

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