Children Learn What They Observe

Children Learn What They Observe

Most people will probably agree that children learn major life lessons from their parents. They are a product of their upbringiing and environment so we, as parents, should be diligent about teaching them good manners, proper language and right right from wrong. After all, that is what parenting is all about. Right?

What blows my mind is what children pick up that we aren’t aware of. Things like …. how to handle life stressors, when to laugh, when to be sad …. our attitudes, likes, dislikes and prejudices … what warrants anger and how to handle it … lifestyle choices like food, environment, exercise, spiritual beliefs and how to treat other people.

I could go and on but the point is that children are like sponges and they don’t miss a thing! They are always learning and watching. I see it in myself with body language and expressions I learned from my parents. My daughter, Kelsey, has been called my mini-me because she thinks, moves and expresses herself just like I do.

All of my children have picked up things from me but I’ve never seen it captured in such a way as this photo clip shows. My 2nd son, Aaron, and his family were down for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago and we took a string of selifies before they left. When I played it back it blew my mind.

Children Learn From Their ParentsWatch Aaron (far right) and me throughout the animation. We move like a rehearsed act at times. These pics were taken in probably 2 minutes time yet we moved in sync multiple times.

Lesson learned here? ALWAYS be aware of what we are teaching others … especially the children in our lives. In this case my son learned to be a ham for the camera from his Mom. I’ve got to say l love it!

Children Learn From Parents

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