My Hollywood Blooper

Renee Chase and Carol Duvall
As many of you know, I founded Neighbors & Friends magazine in 1991 and served as its editor and publisher for seven years before it ceased production. One of the most exciting and fun experiences I had during this time was when I appeared on The Carol Duvall Show. In May of 1997 I flew to California to film a segment where I would tell how I started Neighbors & Friends and promoted it to a national magazine. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to this opportunity!

Instead of “Gidget Goes To Rome” it was “Renée Goes To Hollywood!” I was scheduled to be at the studio early the day of filming and was lead to a waiting room when I arrived. They call it the “Green Room” just like they refer to on popular talk shows. I have no idea why they call it the “Green Room” because everything in it was beige and brown! It was very comfortable with a big screen TV, plush couches, and plenty of snacks.

While waiting for makeup, two employees of the studio entertained me. Their responsibility was to take care of the guests and they did a fine job. The jokes and riddles that we shared were great! I had a good time and was very relaxed when makeup called me.

My time in the makeup room was interesting. The cosmetic expert, a very experienced lady, told me stories of the many celebrities she had worked with. I was very pleased that she did not see the need to redo my entire face!

After makeup I was escorted into a studio with several different filming sets. It was a very large room filled with electronic equipment, cameras, and spotlights. Carol was busy filming the segment before mine and people were standing around watching, while being very quiet.

The time for filming came and Carol and I were positioned on love seats. As makeup powdered our faces and refreshed our lipstick, Carol explained how this would be an informal interview. She would ask questions and I would give friendly answers. “No problem” I said. “I’ve told this story thousands of times!”

Everything went great with the first shoot! We assumed that we were done, but then the director told Carol that we needed to shoot again because of a bad glare on the magazine. In the second shoot we were to repeat exactly what we said in the first interview. Carol had asked, “Renee, how in the world did you come up with this idea?” My response had been, “Carol, seven years ago I was a full time Mom who loved crafts . . .” I then went on to tell the story of how I started Neighbors & Friends.


(This is where the Gidget part comes in!) Carol repeated her questions just like a true professional but, this time, my response to her was, “Carol, seven years ago I was a full time Mom who loved CRAPS!” Carol’s eyes got really big just about the time I realized what I had said! I stopped, looked into the camera and said, “So y’all take me to Vegas!” Everyone burst out laughing. The director was still smiling as she yelled CUT! After we settled down we filmed the third shoot which went very well. The segment aired in July of 1997 and brought great exposure to the magazine.

The studio was kind enough to send me a video tape of our segment. The kids really get a kick out of seeing me on TV and sometimes they’ll drag me into the room to watch it with them. When the tape reaches the part where I say, “I was a full time Mom who loved crafts,” my ears start to play tricks on me! Instead of hearing the word “crafts” I swear I hear “CRAPS!” Of course, this makes me giggle. I guess I’ll always get a good laugh every time I remember my Hollywood Blooper!

You can read the conversation from the show by clicking this link.   I will be uploading the video at some point for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  LOL!